Friday 31 May 2013

Buffalo Creek Peein'

Fruit Punch fueled MTB romp and pee - Buffalo Creek - Pike National Forest, Colorado
Just an hour from the Denver metro area, Buffalo Creek has some of the most fun, and fast trail riding in the area.  The area has several loops, that when interconnected can span 40 miles, allowing riders to choose how long they want to romp.  Thanks to this placesivepeed user, these trails will be a little tackier for the riders to come!

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Relaxin' with Good ol' Jedediah Smith

Wienering Towards Hurricane Pass - Alaska Basin - Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Wyoming
Fun Fact: Jedediah Smith Wilderness kicks serious ass!  Offering amazing Teton views, rock jumping into nearby Mirror lake, and awesome wildlife, nothing beats the trail system on the border of Idaho and Wyoming.  The area is accessible by traveling East out of Driggs, Idaho towards Alta, Wyoming, with parking at the Teton Canyon trail head.  The area connects to the much busier Teton National Park, promising some of the most scenic pees spots in North America.

Representin' them Bronco's with that Orange Headband - Alaska Basin - Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Wyoming

Thursday 16 May 2013

Special: Places My Dog Peed

Doggy Takin' a Squirt - Mt. Bierstadt, Colorado
"After freezing our balls off overnight at the base, the doggy and I had a beautiful day for a ski tour up Bierstadt. Touring is thirsty work, even for a puppy. Between us we went through a gallon of water in a few hours and when a dog drinks a dog pees. Here's a candid shot of him in the buff taking a tinkle on the way up the mountain."

Thanks David for submission!

Sunday 12 May 2013

Ecola State Park Pee for a Happy Mother's Day!

Pee overlooking Haystack Rock - Ecola State Park, Oregon USA
"Easy hiking, amazing views, and one great place to pee!"

Just north of Cannon beach, Ecola State Park offers several day hikes, with amazing views.  All of the hikes, and beaches are accessible by the Ecola parking lot. The Rock in the distance is Haystack rock, which is the second largest monument in the world.  

A big thanks to the four sisters celebrating their mothers 92nd birthday, and Mother's Day for submitted this picture.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Summit to Sunset in Labuan

Pee following the summit of the tallest "mountain" in Labuan, Malaysia
If you're into scuba diving and snorkeling Malaysia has a lot to offer, with several ship wreck and reefs to feast your eyes on.  Hiking is an entirely different story.  The island used to be covered in trails around the 70s, but since the automobile and motorbike were popularized most of the trails have grown over.  There seems to be only one trail still in use today.  On the NW side of the island there is an awesome loop that takes 30 minutes to complete (counter-clockwise).  Offering two river crossings and a summit of Labuan's tallest "mountain," this trail is the best this tiny island can offer for epic pee spots.

Peein' atop the Mount Everest of Labuan, Malaysia 2015. Powered by Blogger.