Saturday 4 May 2013

Summit to Sunset in Labuan

Pee following the summit of the tallest "mountain" in Labuan, Malaysia
If you're into scuba diving and snorkeling Malaysia has a lot to offer, with several ship wreck and reefs to feast your eyes on.  Hiking is an entirely different story.  The island used to be covered in trails around the 70s, but since the automobile and motorbike were popularized most of the trails have grown over.  There seems to be only one trail still in use today.  On the NW side of the island there is an awesome loop that takes 30 minutes to complete (counter-clockwise).  Offering two river crossings and a summit of Labuan's tallest "mountain," this trail is the best this tiny island can offer for epic pee spots.

Peein' atop the Mount Everest of Labuan, Malaysia 2015. Powered by Blogger.